Imran says will accept ‘historic’ verdict in Panama Leaks case


ISLAMABAD: Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Saturday said the Supreme Court’s verdict in Panama Leaks case would be ‘historical’ which he will accept it.

Speaking to newsmen at his house here, Khan stated he got some essential proofs referring to the case from England, which will be presented before the apex court, and now his celebration would lay more powerful arguments in the event.

“Nevertheless, this is not our job to present proofs; it is the commission which needs to examine the matter,” he stated.

“I feel a strong urge to personally lay arguments in the case,” the PTI chief stated, claiming that his celebration has actually politically won the Panama case.

He stated had Panama Papers disclosures not been made, then the Sharif household would not confess ownership of their London flats. “This is purely a case of Sharif household’s corruption,” he repeated.

Imran Khan stated all what his party required was to prove that PM Sharif informed lie, and not to present evidences. “There was no reference of the Qatari prince in PM’s speeches on the flooring of the Parliament,” he stated, questioning wherefrom has he emerged now.

The PTI chief, however, said whatever decision is announced by the Supreme Court, he will accept it.

He said the Panama Documents did not include his name, yet all state resources were being used versus him, lamenting, “The FBR and election commission have actually been entrusted to follow me”.

Khan also declared the examining companies in the country were not independent and noted that all of his assets were on record.

Responding to a concern, he said the court was not on trial in the Panama case, it was rather the justice system.


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