Two minor girls raped in Karachi, Muzaffargarh


KARACHI/MUZAFFARGARH: An eight-year-old lady was raped at Machar Nest, a run-down neighborhood in Karachi.

A medical report verified the rape. Police has detained the accused and an examination is underway.

In a different incident at Muzaffargarh an eighth grade girl was supposedly kidnapped, tortured then raped.

According to her father four males kidnapped her child, tortured and raped her, then left her outside the girl’& rsquo; s house. Authorities chose not to register a case versus the implicated, the daddy included.

The National Assembly, in October made modifications to the rape laws that make DNA test compulsory for victims, penalise the police for delaying examination, and enable victims to testify in court through an in-camera session.

Many rape victims are not able to get justice due to the lack of medical proof to prove the crime in court. Others are required into withdrawing the case due to social pressures.

GEO TV – Pakistan

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